Smart Packhouse Solutions

The technological solution for farmers providing smart weighing technologies, packing systems, and disinfection tunnels and solutions.

our smart scales

Smart Packhouse Solutions is proud to announce the production supply and fit of the latest in smart scale technology. With years of experience in the grape packhouse industry we have been able to create the most efficient production scale system to boost production reduce waste and increase profit.

Smart Scales

SPS Smart Scales

SPS Smart WiFi Scale Solution is a technology solution for packing punnets, cartons, containers, tubs and crates to a minimum required weight. Each scale has a RF ID reader used to clock each employee in and out of a scale station. Scale stations communicate with each other and your online server through WiFi. The smart scale has an accurate weight to 1g that can be finely tuned to avoid over packing.

Stainless steel platform for the food industry

7" Touch screen for visual understanding

Keep track of all waste per station

Duplication detection to reduce fraud

Disinfection Products

R1 100

Sanitize your hands with this sturdy foot operated sanitizing dispenser.

R20 000

Completely disinfect your employees before they enter your packhouse by walking through a disinfection tunnel.

Second Hand Products

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